Are you constantly left feeling paralyzed and stuck, scared to death that you’re making the wrong decision, no matter how big or small?

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you can’t find the right companion, the perfect job, your dream house, …?

Do you wish there was a way to KNOW you’re making the right decision and you’re on the right path, every single time?

Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster.

Anne Wilson Schaef

Your Superpower

Your Intuition

Indecisiveness and poor choices can cause broken marriages, dead-end jobs, zero social life and empty bank accounts to name a few.

When facing big decisions, the majority of people look for answers outside of themselves. 

We get advice from friends and family, we turn to Google, we might seek professional help. Those are all great!

But we often neglect to consult with the wisest and most important authority on any topic: our own intuition. 

When you’re NOT in touch with your inner knowing you tend to make snap decisions or none at all. 

On the other hand, when you harness the power of your intuition:

1. Your goals become realistic and achievable

2. No more being frustrated, disappointed or left behind. Once you start connecting with your intuition, you’ll leave all of that in your rear-view mirror and move into the fast lane to success, fulfilment and happiness. 

3. Instead of picking the wrong guy or gal or taking a dead-end job and wondering why it happened to you again, you’ll learn to trust your gut to make the best choices. 

Follow my unique step-by-step, easy-to-follow process to raise your abilities to heights you didn’t know you could reach, connect with your intuition and live the life of your dreams. 

Using this process, you’ll be able to connect with your intuition. And, use the right techniques that work FOR YOU. 

You’ll learn how to ask the RIGHT questions to get accurate answers. 

Many believe that using your intuition are only for a select few, such as psychic mediums like myself!

That’s absolutely not true. I’ve helped hundreds of clients tap into their inner wisdom and in this course, I’ll help you do the same for yourself. 

Live a happier, more fulfilled life of your dreams by connecting with your innate wisdom, your intuition, which is your internal guidance system.

By the time you’re done with course you’ll be able to

  • Identify how your intuition communicates with you

  • Recognize the difference between your intuition and your own thoughts

  • Figure out what’s keeping you from tapping into your intuition and how to remove that block

  • Use the exact method I use to interpret your intuition

  • Gain insight into properly formatting your questions for the best results

  • Follow an easy method to verify your progress and make sure you’re on the right path

Everyone has intuition and that includes you! I’ll show you not only how to identify your intuition, but also how to develop it.

Here's what we'll do during our time together:

Your Dream Life Can Come True!

We’ll start out by showing you what your life can be like when you engage your intuition. The sky really is the limit when you have your “superpower” working for you.

How can you use it if you’re not sure you have it? I’ll show you that it’s not some magical power that only a select few have; you have it too!


What’s Your Intuition and What Isn’t 

How can you know that you have intuition or that it’s talking to you if you don’t know what’s what?  We’ll go over all of that so you’ll feel comfortable knowing the differences. You’ll be able to spot that pesky ego in no time!


What You Get When You Use it and What Happens When You Don’t

There's what we get and what we want. If you’ve ever wondered why you aren’t getting what you want out of life, this section will explain that to you. Some people’s lives work and some don’t. That’s because some people are using their intuition, their superpower, and some aren’t. Be the one who is!


Blocks and Troubleshooting

We’ll cover common reasons why you can’t get it to work and what to do about it. No more wondering why it isn’t working, now you’ll have the inside scoop! Anytime you get stuck you can go back to this section for help. 


Step by Step Guide 

Here’s the heart of the matter. I’ll run you through my tried and true, easy-to-follow unique steps to develop and use your intuition. There’s plenty of practice exercises to boost your confidence in your abilities. You’ll learn to believe in it, identify it and discern it. Nothing is left out. It’s all there. You’ll be a pro before you know it!


How to Apply it

Lots of examples of how to apply it in your daily life are given. You’ll be sure to spot yourself in some of them. No more guessing, no more indecisiveness, no more over-thinking. Now you’ll know what to do anywhere, anytime! 


Life Purpose and What to Look Forward to

Everyone wants to know their life purpose. I’ll show you how to figure that out using your intuition. Then we’ll wrap this up by revealing what you have to look forward to when you use your intuition regularly. Things will get better and easier than you think. You’ll be able to start living the life of your dreams in no time!




Who knew we had the power within? Catherine's course not only gives you information, it guides you through identifying your intuition and realizing that you have all the tools you need to help yourself. I have taken many online courses that were just “ok” but this one not only answered my questions, it proved to me I have intuition too and how to use it. It provided me with clarity and insight. After taking this course, I am more mindful and aware of my senses and the messages I receive from my higher self. I stopped second guessing myself and started believing in my intuitive messages.


Catherine’s course on Intuition was an eye opener for me because it helped me see where I made mistakes in the past. As I was working my way through the course, I reflected on several life altering events throughout my life in which I struggled to make the right decisions. I often doubted myself and dismissed that “gut feeling” that was desperately trying to get my attention. On the rare occasion when I did listen, things turned out well. But more often than not, I would question myself and I ignored what my intuition was trying to tell me. This caused me unnecessary stress and unhappiness. By taking this course I learned how to correctly identify my intuition so I could use it over and over. I found some relief and can stop struggling with decisions now. Catherine’s course has provided me valuable insight into the power of something that’s within all of us if we just listen


Catherine has amazing clarity. That’s the best I can call it. When I came to her I was confused and didn’t even know why. She broke it down and made it clear to me within minutes. That truly is a gift. I enjoyed working with her so much I not only recommended my friend work with her, I paid for it myself! Since I loved what she had to say I decided to take her course. It helped me to get clear on my own inner voice. Now I not only know what it is, I know how to use it! I’m gaining my own clarity thanks to her. As a result, my life is running much smoother now. I can make better decisions quickly and easily.

Your Instructor

Catherine Cates

As an intuitive mindset coach and author, Catherine Cates has helped thousands of people find direction and success with her unique blend of intuition, practical knowledge and twenty-five years plus experience in the business world.

Catherine started her career in corporate sales winning several awards, then advanced to manager and sales trainer.

Feeling frustrated in the corporate world, she wanted her own business. Not sure what it would be, she turned to her intuition. As a result of her intuitive guidance, she was ahead of her time in 2004 when she embraced the web to found a popular parenting website.

Being an industry and business leader, Ms. Cates has appeared on Fox 4 “Good Day” TV show a number of times. With her relatable style and easygoing nature, she has been a frequent guest speaker at various business and networking groups.

To help others live the life of their dreams, now she teaches intuition development and the creation and inspiration process (manifesting) she used to invent her business. Having invented and run her own business using intuition and the principles of manifesting, Catherine truly has practiced what she teaches.

Don’t waste any more time hoping you’ll get the life for your dreams. Start using your intuition to guide you now!